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We believe that your business is our business and that if you succeed, we succeed.

That philosophy is at the center of everything that we do. It is why we work as hard as we do to deliver the highest quallity products and services on time and on budget. M3ads is dedicated to providing both static and mobile outdoor advertising solutions to our clients with budgets big or small

Taxi Advertising

This is a vibrant on the go outdoor advertising medium. It involves the branding of either or both the exterior or the interior of mini-bus taxis for maximum impact and exposure.​The success of taxi advertising is mainly due to the fact that minibus taxis are the only method to really carry advertisements to the high density townships, urban / per-urban / rural areas, on a repeat basis every day.​


Bus Advertising

this offers a low clutter, high visibility advertising alternative. Research shows that a bus is 11 times more likely to be seen than a billboard. Bus advertising offers a low clutter, highly visible advertising alternative. Research shows that a bus is 11 times more likely to be seen than a billboard. Like Taxi advertising, Bus advertising is also a vibrant, on the go outdoor medium, however bus advertising has various options that can be explored


Static Outdoor

This allows advertisers the exclusive opportunity to secure naming rights together with exclusive advertising ownership of the major taxi ranks throughout South Africa thus creating maximum brand awareness. Branding allows advertisers the exclusive opportunity to secure naming rights, together with exclusive advertising “ownership” of the major taxi ranks throughout South Africa, thus creating maximum brand awareness.


The Commuter SA

this magazine ads a print media dimension to our advertising offering. This is a bi-monthly publication, produced and distributed directly to commuters at major taxi ranks, train and bus stations.

Issue 41_3.indd

Why use Taxi Advertising

The facts speak for themselves

Mobile Branding

100 taxis collectively travel 800 000kms per month

High reach

100 taxis generate 20million impacts per month

Low wastage

Geographical targeting is possible

Long exposure times

taxi commuters spend on average 20 minutes in queue waiting for a taxi

Zero tune-out zones

can’t turn off the taxi environment advertising messages

Captive audience

spend on average 59 minutes per day inside a taxi

Direct response and measurable

lead generation and conversion to sale

Economically active commuters

84% of taxi commuters are household purchase decision makers

Advertise with us

Grab people’s attention with awesome advertising campaigns on taxis.
Reach thousands of people with your creative ad.

3 easy steps

Choose a platform

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One of the most affordable and effective form of advertising.

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